Monday, August 20, 2007 - A New Digg Clone For All Things Facebook - a Digg style social news site for all things Facebook. This Facebook social news site aims to leverage the wisdom of crowds and find plenty of hot Facebook news. It's early days for the project so please be patient.

It struck me that there were so many emerging Facebook blogs that were becoming impossible to track, so a social filter was required to pick the most important news items from all the information.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Russell Grant in Spyware Shocker! He Didn't See It Coming!

Camp clairvoyant Russell Grant never saw this one coming. Google have kicked his listing! His Site: is listed in Google as a harmful site. See Screen Capture below:-

So, if you're wanting to avoid a nasty dose of something itchy... You might want to read your stars from another of his syndication points... like :) - Piff Paff Poof

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cover of a Remix.. Last Rhythm - Sylvie Carter Mix (Superdove 2007)

Let me tell you about this Last Rhythm (cover of a remix)..... Apologies for the tardiness of this release, but my laptop crashed, I've reinstalled windows, lost all my software and the original masters are with Steve Cooper in the studio.

Well, it's been fu^&ing years in production so a few more days won't matter. When Steve first said "You can't cover Last Rhythm, it's a classic" I had to take on the challenge.

Anyway, it's due to be e-mailed to me this week. So it'll be made available to Facebook and Twitter friends this week.

Remember, it's a cover of a remix. So I'm not entirely sure of the legal implications. ;) With any luck, my heros Last Rhythm - who wrote and produced the track by the same name "Last Rhythm" might get in touch if they hear about it.. that would be so cool.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Squidoo Slapped by Google - Now it Doesn't Flow Pagerank

In a previous post I mentioned how Squidoo was fast becoming a spammers paradise.
The ability to tag lenses in a single click is also an inspired move. The downside is that squidoo is fast becoming a spammer's paradise. I only hope Google don't set Domain_Flow_PageRank=Null. ;)
Well.. Jason Calcanis has caused enough bad press for Matt Cutts to give the order to set the Domain_Flow_Pagerank=Null.

Search Engine Land have the full story here including a timeline.

While my own lenses are still ranking. My blog which used to Rank 12th for my name "Paul Reilly" and was given a boost to 6th for the same query, following the addition of a link in my Squidoo profile.

Since Squidoo got slapped my blog is back in 12th place and my lenses still rank...

This suggests that Pagerank can be passed internally or inwardly, but not outwardly. So if you're using Squidoo for affiliate business, you'll need to tag your pages well and focus on hyper-niche terms - with a single focus per lens.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Last Rhythm - Superdove (Love) Mix - featuring Singshot Sensation - Jackie Hole (Free Mp3 to Twitter and Facebook Friends)

Some of you may know me as an SEO or a viral marketeer, others may call me a spammer... but I'm proud to say, I've finally finished a project I've been working on for years... AND it's a little bit different.

My favourite house track of 1991, Last Rhythm by Last Rhythm inspired me to "have a go" at music production... Well I've finished the EP.

It's a remix of a cover version of Last Rhythm... namely the Sylvie Carter Mix (for the 1991 house music train spotters)

The 2007 remix features one of the sexiest voices on the planet - namely the Singshot sensation Jackie Hole

I'm giving away the Mp3 in CD quality audio (and also on request, the Logic Audio and Ableton Live source files.... yes... Last Rhythm by Superdove... goes Open Source...

It's free next week (or so) to all my Twitter and my Facebook friends go ahead and add me :)

Catch you soon

Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to Merge 2 LinkedIn Accounts

Having screwed up and accidentally invited people to join 2 LinkedIn accounts. This left me with a need to merge both LinkedIn accounts but It seems that there is no simple way to merge the accounts. Here's one solution to merge LinkedIn accounts.

It's not ideal, but I hope you find it useful.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tag Clouds - SEO Function, Passing Fad or Web2.0 Design Standard

Fact 1: User generated content (UGC) encourage the exploitation of the long tail of search.
Fact 2: User generated links (UGL) encourage the exploitation of the long tail of search.

Tag Clouds have become the design standard for displaying a weighted list of links based on frequency and user input. The links flow juice down to pages lower pages in the hierarchy, throught contextually relevant anchor text therefor they have SEO benefits to large websites.

Are tag clouds just a passing fad?

Yes! I think Tag Clouds could be perceived as a passing fad, in so much as they have become a Web2.0 design standard. Design standards change! Drop shadow effects (Web1.0) replaced by Reflections/Wet Floor effect (Web2.0)

However, tag clouds or label clouds in general provide a dynamic link structure which doesn't require human maintenance and is powered by participation. Perfect if you're business is heavily effected by seasonal variations or driven by pop-culture.

See this example of a Superbreak's new destination cloud. (Built very quickly by Stu - AKA Bluegroove)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Manchester United - Adding Fanaticism to the Affiliate Marketing Mix

Since I mentioned micro-niche affiliate opportunites in a previous post and since I've also posted about how to ride mass media driven affiliate opportunities.

So this time I thought I'd post another micro niche opportunity that taps into big budget, media driven demand but this time I've adding I've added heavy fanaticism to the mix.

Fanaticism - Fans are fanatical by nature!

The benefits of targetting a marketing campaign which leverages fanaticism are (in retrospect) obvious! I learned this first hand when I took on a chart topping UK pop band as a client. As well as redesigning their website, built their e-commerce, optimised their site for the search engines and managed their email marketing.

The conversion rate for this band was like NOTHING I'd seen before and was driven by the fact that I was targetting a fan list... and fans, by their very nature are FANATICAL.
  • Fan's don't care about price point (although to be fair all their merchandise was competitively priced and good quality.)
  • Fans want the product NOW!
  • Fans don't want to miss out on a limited availability!
  • Fans can be mobilized easily!
Here's what to do to leverage mainstream fanaticism...
  1. Find a mass media driven brand with a fanatical following.
  2. Target their fans.
  3. Find some product that the fans will love.
  4. Sell it to them!
This all seems quite obvious and it is. Ticket touts have been making money like this for a long time.

Man United! Hmmm they've got a reasonably fanatical following...

For the sake of this experiement. I'll use Manchester United as an example of a brand with a massive media driven fan base.

Once again I'm using Superbreak's affiliate program to supply the micro-niche product. Largly due to Superbreak's high EPC (average earnings per click) - a product of high commissions and great conversion.

To make this quick and easy, I've built a squidoo lens dedicated to Manchester United Museum and Tour - The lens is still under construction, so watch this space.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting dangerously addicted to MyBlogLog

Having made a few friends on I thought I'd post my profile here. So please drop by and say hi! Hardly surprising Yahoo snapped this property up. It's the glue that's sticking the largely ego driven blogosphere together. :)

Seth Godin's Viral Monster, Squidoo - keeps on growing and adds new reporting features has recently added new reporting features including keywords, traffic sources, and referring domains - very useful in enabling users to see where their long tale reaches.

The ability to tag lenses in a single click is also an inspired move. The downside is that squidoo is fast becoming a spammer's paradise. I only hope Google don't set Domain_Flow_PageRank=Null. ;)

Squidoo enables users (usually affiliates) to go from 0 to 60 in no time at all (depending on when the Googlebot next visits.)

... In the spirit of Web2.0, anyone can use it's simple interface. Affiliate marketing can be done by anyone.

Last seven days keyword tail for my London Hotels Near Millenium Dome Lens....

Keywords Number
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Alexa Growth for Squidoo

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Evangelizing Your Affiliate Network - Give Them The Cream

Some time ago, when I was an affiliate marketer selling online hosted (ASP) solutions and information products. I recall a number of instances, where new products were rolled out to the affiliate network, prior to them being made available to Internal mailing lists and indeed existing customers.

This conveyed a clear message to me... That the affiliate merchant was prepared to put the affiliate publisher first!

They removed the dominant competition of the merchant, enabling the small, agile affliliate (like myself, to quickly benefit)

As a result, I become more and more evangelical!

Today, Superbreak will launch a brand new airport hotels section with 2 new micro niche products. Providing their affiliates with the following benefits.

1) Better conversion - addition of airport specific landing pages.
2) New product 1 - airport lounges
3) New Product 2 - airport rail tickets

Here's the best part!

They're NOT providing specific pages for airport lounges!! or airport rail tickets!

So… The smart affiliates who quickly optimise pages for these terms will benefit from the micro-niche products WITHOUT competition from the merchant -

Looking at the Overture keyword suggestion results for Airport Lounges in particular, this means easy money for the agile affiliate marketers (providing they can rank well for airport lounge variations.)

Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
2106 airport lounge
237 airport lounge at newcastle
205 manchester airport lounge
174 heathrow airport lounge
148 usa airport lounge
147 newark airport lounge
141 gatwick airport lounge
100 edinburgh airport lounge
98 airport lounge at glasgow
85 aberdeen airport lounge
80 stansted airport lounge
76 airport cardiff lounge
72 bristol airport lounge
72 airport lounge luton
70 airport lounge access
69 airport liverpool lounge
65 airport bradford leeds lounge
62 executive lounge at manchester airport
60 airport executive lounge
53 birmingham airport lounge
39 airport humberside lounge
38 vip lounge manchester airport
33 east midlands airport lounge
32 airport lounge pass
29 airport executive lounge pass priority
22 airport lounge norwich
21 access airport edinburgh lounge
21 airport area gatwick lounge
21 dubai airport lounge
21 airport lounge leeds
20 airport harbour island kermits lounge
18 escape lounge manchester airport
18 airport executive gatwick lounge
18 airport glasgow lounge sky
17 aberdeen airport executive lounge
17 uk airport lounge
17 airport vip lounge
16 airport lounge offer
15 airport knoxville lounge
14 airport boca lounge raton
14 lounge sanford airport
12 airport akron lounge
12 airport albuquerque lounge
12 airport beach daytona lounge
12 airport belfast lounge
12 book airport lounge
12 cheap airport lounge
12 airport el lounge paso
11 airport lounge terminal 3 heathrow
11 airport lounge heathrow terminal 4
11 airport executive lounge newcastle
11 airport lounge worldwide
10 airport and business and lounge
10 credit card airport lounge
10 airport lounge card
10 airport doha lounge
10 glasgow airport executive lounge
10 airport fresno lounge
10 airport harrisburg lounge
10 airport lounge priority pass
9 airport executive lounge access
9 executive lounge birmingham airport
9 airport city lounge oklahoma
9 airport free lounge
9 airport lounge membership
8 1 airport lounge manchester terminal
8 free airport lounge access
8 airport lounge manchester airport
8 airport aviance lounge
8 bcp airport lounge
8 airport cairo lounge
8 heathrow airport executive lounge
8 vip lounge at gatwick airport
8 airport lounge nassau
8 sydney airport lounge
7 2 airport lounge manchester terminal
7 airport arrival lounge
7 athens airport lounge
7 diner club airport lounge
7 discount airport lounge
7 airport dominican lounge republic
7 dublin airport lounge
7 all executive airport lounge at stansted
7 airport free heathrow lounge
7 airport gatwick lounge viewing
7 heathrow airport vip lounge
6 access airport card credit lounge
6 airport ba lounge
6 bangkok airport lounge
6 airport book dominican lounge
6 manchester airport business lounge
6 cheap airport lounge at heathrow
6 hong kong airport lounge
6 airport lounge moi
6 airport lounge orlando sanford
6 airport lounge schiphol
6 airport lounge tucson
6 airport lounge wilmington
5 airport amsterdam lounge
5 airport book lounge schiphol
It looks like quite a gold mine

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How To Cash In From The Grease is the Word TV Phenomena

In the last post I talked about how the Grease theatre breaks and how their demand is heaviliy influenced by the viral-as-hell Popstars/Pop Idol 'type' shows.

Search engine demand is very heavily influenced by mainstream TV, and many moons ago I had a little fun with this demand myself, driving easy traffic from the keywords “Pop Stars” and “Hearsay” and monetizing it by selling information products to wannabee popstars. So having seen the media influencing Theatre demand here are a few ideas for easy affiliate profits from theatre tickets and theatre break packages.

Yes.. its well worth taking these kind of TV shows seriously from a search marketing standpoint.

The key is to act quickly and get your pages/niche promo sites in the SERPS as soon as you anticipate the inflated demand. Your gut feeling should tell you whether you feel a show is going to be a hit.

Here are the obvious things to look for...
  • Show format – is it an evolutionary or devolutionary step from a proven formula
  • Panel of judges - who’s on the panel are they currently en-vogue?
  • What channel does the show go out on?– is it aired on the major terrestrial channels or is it on an obscure cable channel?
  • When does the show air – is it prime-time Saturday tea time or is it aired somewhere between Jeremy Kyle and This Morning?
These four factors will give you a good idea of whether the show will be a hit. If all these factors are favourable, then it’s definitely worth looking at ways to monetize it through organic search and affiliate marketing.

Grease is the Word - Viral Buzz Marketing Also Works On Stage

There's one thing that Popstars, PopIdol, Fame Academy all managed to do very well - They generated word of mouth on a massive scale. Since then the successful model has been tweeked and optimised for maxiumum effect.

These shows have sold millions of singles, albums, items of merchandise, countless tours, spin offs and now west end theatre tickets. So not surprisingly specialist tour operators are getting in on the action.

Theatre breaks are big business, but theatre breaks supported by this kind of TV show are huge. The supporting TV shows Grease is the Word and Any Dream Will Do are set to drive record breaking sales for Grease theatre packages and Joseph theatre breaks respectively.

Ray "Theatre Breaks" Jones offers his thoughts on the phenomena, having seen first hand the influence "How Do Solve a Problem Like Maria?" has on the stage production of The Sound of Music.
“TV series had an enormous impact. The Sound of Music always looked to be a winner, but it was the TV show and Connie in the lead role that set fire to public demand. The fact that she makes an excellent Maria helps too. I saw the show on the opening night and she was simply superb. When she became ill demand slowed and now that she is back and in great voice the show is topping our sales charts.”

Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Hotels Near Manchester Airport" - Just how easy is it to rank for these terms?

Having done a few experiements using Squidoo as a host site, it's become clear that pages hosted on Squidoo require very little supporting anchor text in the form of back links to make them rank.

I've just created another Squidoo lens primarily optimised for "hotels near Manchester Airport" simply by tagging my lenses properly has resulting in a number of them achieving PageRank 3 from internal links alone following a G PR update.

I'll post again here once, G picks up the inbound links to this lens.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gordon "Avaweb" Langlands Interview Part 2

Some time ago I interviewed Gordon Langlands of Part 2 is now available over at

Gordon runs a hugely successful UK Hotel and Travel Guide website which has been around since 1999, you can also reach Gordon through his Squidoo lens here:

In this part of the interview, Gordon answers questions about the importance of being niche. What qualities he looks for in an affiliate program, click fraud, brand bidding and what he would do if he were to start out in affiliate marketing all over again.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Analogous Relationships Viral Applications & Nuclear Weapons; Business & War

Viral widgetization isn’t exactly nuclear physics but it does obey the same rules.

I’ve put together a simple excel model. Feel free to play with the figures. (click here to download)

The model doesn’t take into consideration saturation effects or secondary user acquisition from clicks generated by a distributed widget.

Viral benefits of widgets..
  1. They’re persistent... ie once in place equal effort is required to remove it leading to stability over time.
  2. They’re centralized enabling version control and forward compatibility.
  3. Unlike a distributed viral email, a widget is non-memetic and cannot evolve or mutate and won’t blow up in your face. :)
If we also recognise the analogous relationships between business and war as well as the analogous relationship between nuclear physics and viral distribution, then a super-viral business application is analogous to a nuclear weapon…

Within the Travel industry, TripAdvisor & are both major nuclear superpowers…

…if you're interested in joining the nuclear arms race you'll need a laboratory

Oh… and it’s probably going to take a number of attempts before you get it right.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Google Commence the Battle Against Scraper Spam

Google have announced that scraping content is bad and SEO consultants should not advise scraping as a strategy. Black hats beware...
Purely scraped content, even from high quality sources, does not provide any added value to your users. It's worthwhile to take the time to create original content that sets your site apart.
They even offer the following advice to consider when choosing an SEO consultant..
Choosing the right SEO consultant requires in-depth background research, and their reputation and past work should be important factors in your decision.
Cleaning the scraper spam, out of Google's index has to be a mammoth task, I wish them the best of luck.

Thursday, March 08, 2007 and it's Viral Widget Success... Why?

Having looked closely at the always on solution to keeping in touch with friends.

I couldn't see how the attention it receives is justified by the value it offers the user.

There are almost half a million pages of cached content in Google's index, Twitter's home page Pagerank is 8 and it's for thousands of delicious link and viral exponential alexa growth, something seems to be working.

Although I'm not 100% sure about this, I've decided to add the twitter viral widget to my blog.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Parasitic SEO, Local Search Marketing & Tourism

Let's see how a simple harrogate holiday apartments squidoo lens ranks for harrogate + holiday + apartments

I've included one or two authority outbound links from the lens, just for good measure. The spiders should have indexed the page by tomorrow evening. Let's see how it competes with existing sites in this space.



Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shufuni Affiliate Program.

Ok... so here I go again.. Shufuni... The adult social media site, which I mentioned in a previous post.. Turns out to be the search term driving most of the traffic to this blog, unfortunately I can't seem to find an affiliate program to send the traffic to.

So I just thought I'd blog about it again and see if it doesn't result in a double indented google first page listing, for terms Shufuni and Shufuni Affiliate Program. We shall see....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Paul Reilly

I finally get round merging my two LinkedIn accounts which I accidentally opened, here's my profile feel free to drop by and request an add.. if I've not yet moved you over to this account do click the above link and I'll move you over into this account too.

Paul Reilly

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tutankhamun Exhibition Visits London's O2 Dome (subject to confirmation)

Since I'm particularly interested in Egyptology I became quite excited to discover that the Tutakhamun exhibition was visiting London this year and staying for approximately 10 months. Its been over 30 years since the Tutankhamun exhibition last visited the UK so for me, this looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'll no doubt write another post when I discover more details, till then here's my "Tutankhamun exhibition" lens on Squidoo.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 Fuck Up

I just logged into my hittail account to analyse the long tail potential of my hittail account and for some reason end up logged into Connors PR's ( the creators of hittail) long tail data. Here's the screen grab - I see that Mike Levin is 5th most popular term, one place behind "PR Firm" If you're listening Mike, you're a their 5th most powerful term and I hope you're being compensated accordingly.

Here's the screen grab

Adulttube / Xtube - Back in Business Still in the Game...

Now I don't want you to think that this is an adult social media blog, however human desire drives the cutting edge of the Internet and always has, so it's worth understanding the playing field within the adult arena for this reason and this reason only. In a previous post about adult tube we looked at the viral growth of adulttube / XTube (OK.. so there's one lesson - brand dilution from a launch name followed by the financially supported brand name.) or as it's now branded - fell over last week due to massive demand, surely a success story, if ever I heard one...

Here are their comments..
We re-wrote the code and added another 6 servers to compensate for the traffic overload we experienced in late December, when we launched the Community. Now that everything is running smoothly again you can fill out your extended profile and write in your blogs, post polls and create quizes! What are you waiting for?! Get started in the XTube Community now, and who knows who you will meet there!
A couple of visitors anonymously dropped a hint at - probably a shill, due the anonymity of the post, but hey.. live and let live...

But check that, "6 servers" something's working.. based on the traffic that this blog is seeing purely from the adult social media commentary, I had to post more on this subject... don't hold it againt me please.. :)

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