Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hittail.com Fuck Up

I just logged into my hittail account to analyse the long tail potential of my hittail account and for some reason end up logged into Connors PR's ( the creators of hittail) long tail data. Here's the screen grab - I see that Mike Levin is 5th most popular term, one place behind "PR Firm" If you're listening Mike, you're a their 5th most powerful term and I hope you're being compensated accordingly.

Here's the screen grab


Mike Levin said...

We let everyone log in as Connors. You just check the box that says "Log in as Connors". It's deliberate, so everyone can see HitTail in action before signing up for their own account. Thanks for noticing!

Paul Reilly said...

LOL - seems like I fucked up.. Thanks for correcting me Mike. :) I had wondered how come I had your login details and password in my form fields.

Mike Levin said...

No problem, Paul! Every one of these blog posts is an important discovery for us. For example, now we realize we should give people more indication that they're in a "sample login" than just the one moment at the instant of login. Thanks.

Paul Reilly said...

I've got to say Mike.. hittail is a great tool and having tested is here on my blog, I intend to integrate it for a couple of months over at the day job enterprise for SEO research.

Iain said...

personally, I found Hittail's "Suggestion" option invaluable - it hints on key phrases I wouldnt come up otherwise with - it's very funny to see what search queries actually bring people to my blog devoted to Halo 3 ( http://halo3videos.blogspot.com ). Very good job indeed.

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