Monday, March 26, 2007

Analogous Relationships Viral Applications & Nuclear Weapons; Business & War

Viral widgetization isn’t exactly nuclear physics but it does obey the same rules.

I’ve put together a simple excel model. Feel free to play with the figures. (click here to download)

The model doesn’t take into consideration saturation effects or secondary user acquisition from clicks generated by a distributed widget.

Viral benefits of widgets..
  1. They’re persistent... ie once in place equal effort is required to remove it leading to stability over time.
  2. They’re centralized enabling version control and forward compatibility.
  3. Unlike a distributed viral email, a widget is non-memetic and cannot evolve or mutate and won’t blow up in your face. :)
If we also recognise the analogous relationships between business and war as well as the analogous relationship between nuclear physics and viral distribution, then a super-viral business application is analogous to a nuclear weapon…

Within the Travel industry, TripAdvisor & are both major nuclear superpowers…

…if you're interested in joining the nuclear arms race you'll need a laboratory

Oh… and it’s probably going to take a number of attempts before you get it right.

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