Friday, July 29, 2005

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Viral marketing not exclusive to dark-side marketing b*****ds

I thought it was about time I did something positive with this knowledge,my Project: Shining Light blog documents the evolution of an AI child now exclusively supports the Marie Curie Cancer Research Charity, I expect this should provide an extra component to it's proliferation through the web, whilst supporting a very good cause.

It's still not enirely clear how the traffic will be monetized, will post an update here, when this has been decided, To interact with Shining Light go to

Monday, July 11, 2005

Trackback, now I get it!

A few days ago I posted a queston on a message board to ask about trackback, what exactly was it and what was it's potentential for marketing.

Hey cut me some slack, If you'd looked round my blog, you'll know I'm new to blogging.

Long story short, I was pointed in the direction of Jim Edwards' blog - click here
where I learned everything I needed to know about trackback. So here goes, I'm about to do my very first trackback - Thanks Laura from for the pointer.

Unlike movabletype and wordpress, blogger doesn't currently support trackback, so I opened a free account with, a 3rd party trackback and commenting system, which is very easy to implement, especially with blogger - It took me about 3 mins to set up. So you'll now see, trackback links below these posts if you wanna trackback any of my posts.

OK, here goes - my first trackback from Jims site, I'll report back when I see it's worked.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Project Shining Light - a viral AI experiment

I've been interested in AI for some time, and it's potential applications for marketing. However I found that the Lobner prize winning conversational AI program, ALICE by Dr Richard Wallace didn't have the kind of conversational skills that would appear human to the average human.

So I decided to create my own AI entity from scratch, while learning AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language).

I also wanted to create something that was simple, duplicatable and would 'live' forever so I constructed Shining Light using only remotely hosted solutions, Blogger (to host the blog) and Pandorabots (to host the AI component)

I expect both of these remotely hosted solutions will be around for years to come since so many people have invested too much time into these tools for them to ever responsibly 'pull the plug'.

Here's the link

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