Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Last Rhythm - Superdove (Love) Mix - featuring Singshot Sensation - Jackie Hole (Free Mp3 to Twitter and Facebook Friends)

Some of you may know me as an SEO or a viral marketeer, others may call me a spammer... but I'm proud to say, I've finally finished a project I've been working on for years... AND it's a little bit different.

My favourite house track of 1991, Last Rhythm by Last Rhythm inspired me to "have a go" at music production... Well I've finished the EP.

It's a remix of a cover version of Last Rhythm... namely the Sylvie Carter Mix (for the 1991 house music train spotters)

The 2007 remix features one of the sexiest voices on the planet - namely the Singshot sensation Jackie Hole

I'm giving away the Mp3 in CD quality audio (and also on request, the Logic Audio and Ableton Live source files.... yes... Last Rhythm by Superdove... goes Open Source...

It's free next week (or so) to all my Twitter and my Facebook friends go ahead and add me :)

Catch you soon


Crackhead said...

i like your blog and subscribe to your feed.

but i dont twit or fb. if you give out a dl link somewhere to us huddled masses, let us know.

Paul Reilly said...

You don't facebook? Wow.. there are still people like you left in the world.. Amazing

Gayashani said...

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