Monday, June 25, 2007

Manchester United - Adding Fanaticism to the Affiliate Marketing Mix

Since I mentioned micro-niche affiliate opportunites in a previous post and since I've also posted about how to ride mass media driven affiliate opportunities.

So this time I thought I'd post another micro niche opportunity that taps into big budget, media driven demand but this time I've adding I've added heavy fanaticism to the mix.

Fanaticism - Fans are fanatical by nature!

The benefits of targetting a marketing campaign which leverages fanaticism are (in retrospect) obvious! I learned this first hand when I took on a chart topping UK pop band as a client. As well as redesigning their website, built their e-commerce, optimised their site for the search engines and managed their email marketing.

The conversion rate for this band was like NOTHING I'd seen before and was driven by the fact that I was targetting a fan list... and fans, by their very nature are FANATICAL.
  • Fan's don't care about price point (although to be fair all their merchandise was competitively priced and good quality.)
  • Fans want the product NOW!
  • Fans don't want to miss out on a limited availability!
  • Fans can be mobilized easily!
Here's what to do to leverage mainstream fanaticism...
  1. Find a mass media driven brand with a fanatical following.
  2. Target their fans.
  3. Find some product that the fans will love.
  4. Sell it to them!
This all seems quite obvious and it is. Ticket touts have been making money like this for a long time.

Man United! Hmmm they've got a reasonably fanatical following...

For the sake of this experiement. I'll use Manchester United as an example of a brand with a massive media driven fan base.

Once again I'm using Superbreak's affiliate program to supply the micro-niche product. Largly due to Superbreak's high EPC (average earnings per click) - a product of high commissions and great conversion.

To make this quick and easy, I've built a squidoo lens dedicated to Manchester United Museum and Tour - The lens is still under construction, so watch this space.

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