Monday, July 23, 2007

Cover of a Remix.. Last Rhythm - Sylvie Carter Mix (Superdove 2007)

Let me tell you about this Last Rhythm (cover of a remix)..... Apologies for the tardiness of this release, but my laptop crashed, I've reinstalled windows, lost all my software and the original masters are with Steve Cooper in the studio.

Well, it's been fu^&ing years in production so a few more days won't matter. When Steve first said "You can't cover Last Rhythm, it's a classic" I had to take on the challenge.

Anyway, it's due to be e-mailed to me this week. So it'll be made available to Facebook and Twitter friends this week.

Remember, it's a cover of a remix. So I'm not entirely sure of the legal implications. ;) With any luck, my heros Last Rhythm - who wrote and produced the track by the same name "Last Rhythm" might get in touch if they hear about it.. that would be so cool.

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