Friday, January 26, 2007

Tutankhamun Exhibition Visits London's O2 Dome (subject to confirmation)

Since I'm particularly interested in Egyptology I became quite excited to discover that the Tutakhamun exhibition was visiting London this year and staying for approximately 10 months. Its been over 30 years since the Tutankhamun exhibition last visited the UK so for me, this looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'll no doubt write another post when I discover more details, till then here's my "Tutankhamun exhibition" lens on Squidoo.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 Fuck Up

I just logged into my hittail account to analyse the long tail potential of my hittail account and for some reason end up logged into Connors PR's ( the creators of hittail) long tail data. Here's the screen grab - I see that Mike Levin is 5th most popular term, one place behind "PR Firm" If you're listening Mike, you're a their 5th most powerful term and I hope you're being compensated accordingly.

Here's the screen grab

Adulttube / Xtube - Back in Business Still in the Game...

Now I don't want you to think that this is an adult social media blog, however human desire drives the cutting edge of the Internet and always has, so it's worth understanding the playing field within the adult arena for this reason and this reason only. In a previous post about adult tube we looked at the viral growth of adulttube / XTube (OK.. so there's one lesson - brand dilution from a launch name followed by the financially supported brand name.) or as it's now branded - fell over last week due to massive demand, surely a success story, if ever I heard one...

Here are their comments..
We re-wrote the code and added another 6 servers to compensate for the traffic overload we experienced in late December, when we launched the Community. Now that everything is running smoothly again you can fill out your extended profile and write in your blogs, post polls and create quizes! What are you waiting for?! Get started in the XTube Community now, and who knows who you will meet there!
A couple of visitors anonymously dropped a hint at - probably a shill, due the anonymity of the post, but hey.. live and let live...

But check that, "6 servers" something's working.. based on the traffic that this blog is seeing purely from the adult social media commentary, I had to post more on this subject... don't hold it againt me please.. :)

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