Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How To Cash In From The Grease is the Word TV Phenomena

In the last post I talked about how the Grease theatre breaks and how their demand is heaviliy influenced by the viral-as-hell Popstars/Pop Idol 'type' shows.

Search engine demand is very heavily influenced by mainstream TV, and many moons ago I had a little fun with this demand myself, driving easy traffic from the keywords “Pop Stars” and “Hearsay” and monetizing it by selling information products to wannabee popstars. So having seen the media influencing Theatre demand here are a few ideas for easy affiliate profits from theatre tickets and theatre break packages.

Yes.. its well worth taking these kind of TV shows seriously from a search marketing standpoint.

The key is to act quickly and get your pages/niche promo sites in the SERPS as soon as you anticipate the inflated demand. Your gut feeling should tell you whether you feel a show is going to be a hit.

Here are the obvious things to look for...
  • Show format – is it an evolutionary or devolutionary step from a proven formula
  • Panel of judges - who’s on the panel are they currently en-vogue?
  • What channel does the show go out on?– is it aired on the major terrestrial channels or is it on an obscure cable channel?
  • When does the show air – is it prime-time Saturday tea time or is it aired somewhere between Jeremy Kyle and This Morning?
These four factors will give you a good idea of whether the show will be a hit. If all these factors are favourable, then it’s definitely worth looking at ways to monetize it through organic search and affiliate marketing.

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