Thursday, March 02, 2006

Web 2.0 the New Mega-Theme

The Next Net 25: 25 startups that are reinventing the web - Mar. 1, 2006: "There's so much happening that the buzzword recently employed to try to encapsulate the era -- 'Web 2.0' -- now seems hopelessly inadequate, defined and redefined into near meaninglessness by squadrons of aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers, and other fortune hunters."

Web 2.0 has become one of the fastest growing meme's I've seen. When I first heard about it from my good friend Mark Taylor it was still quite underground. When I first described Web2.0 to my boss he looked at me and said... "Web 2.0 is a conference.. according to my sources". It would appear that Web2.0 has mutated into a mega-theme and for many, a way of life.

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