Monday, June 27, 2005

Intensify Your Viral Call To Action

I published the following article some time ago, I felt I should post it here again, because it will help the next post I make, to make sense.

Article follows...

Intensify Your Viral Call To Action

In this article I'll show you a simple but effective way to increase your reader's psychological motive to forward your newsletter or e-zine.

OK, we've all by now included that little phrase "please e-mail this message to a friend" in our newsletters and with varying success but without a motive to forward the message we rarely do.Unless of course we personally know someone interested in a particular snippet of information.

What I'm about to show you, came to me while consulting on a B2C affiliate program for a small local publishing company who sell tangible cookbooks online.

If you've ever used the line "please forward this email to your friends" you'll no doubt know just how ineffective this actually is... The reason is simple.....There is no motive!

When asked to forward an article or newsletter to a friend. In most cases you'll ask ... "what's in it for me?" ... Right?

In the rare case that you do forward an article or newsletter based on this simple request. You're likely to have done so for your own personal reasons.


a) to please the recipient


b) to please the publisher/author

Working with this understanding of why people forward an e-zine or newsletter we can easily intensify this motive of the desire to please an individual.

I simply replaced the line "Please forward this e-mail to a friend" with a different lines from the following, each day.

1) Please forward today's email to the last person you had a great dinner conversation with.

2) Please help spread the word - just forward email to a dear friend of loved one

3) Forward today's email to a person you truly believe in, but who doesn't quite see themselves as you do.

4) PS. Every time you pass on one of these e-mails Lucky you are helping to support a small publishing company hidden away, above a restaurant, in the historical snickleways of York.

5) Please forward today's email to the person you most enjoy being with in silence

6) Please forward today's e-mail to the person who recently did you the smallest favour with the greatest impact

7) Please forward today's e-mail to someone you've learned a lot from.

8) Please forward today's e-mail to the colleague that you respect the most.

Obviously these were written specifically for a B2C audience however, once you understand the psychology, you'll be able to dramatically increase your sales using this technique.

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