Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Had To Buy an Asus EeePC

Just a few thoughts....

I've just got myself a white Asus EeePC, and it's the sexiest piece of kit I've bought in years. So sexy, that I'd say, it turns more heads that the new MacBook Air. It's all about portability baby.

Before i get into the tech spec or nuances of this machine, I've gotta add, that I'm writing this review on my White 4G EeePC, and although at first I struggled a little with the tiny keyboard, I've since got used to it... especially the close proximity of the up arrow key and the right shift key.

I'm running a test for battery life under 'normal' intensive usage – from a full charge with WIFI permanently on, having had a 10 minute Skype audio video call and watched several YouTube clips with audio, my EeePC still has one bar of battery left and it's been running for 2:27.

I've got my EeePC slightly pimped out with KDE desktop which is perfect for my use and doesn't affect performance noticeably.

So here's why I simply had to buy this beautiful, elegant machine....

I'm flying to Goa on Saturday and the EeePC's Web cam, Wifi and shock-proof solid-state hard drive is perfect for my needs. I'll be blogging from the beach – stay tuned.

1 comment:

Dynando said...

Awesome, I've been wondering about running another kernel (the interface annoys the hell out of me).

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