Friday, December 01, 2006 - bad review on let's see how it spreads

I came across a negative viral video posted by an unhappy customer Jimmybick who appears to be quite unhappy about his stay in Marrakech. One thing is for sure, bad reviews which make it to social media wont go away very easily.

This unhappy customer posted 3 videos of his bad holiday experience with

  1. Marrakech holiday nightmare -- shower
  2. Marrakech holiday nightmare -- phone
  3. Marrakech holiday nightmare -- hairdryer
Let's track the growth of a random travel related bad news viral on
  • Shower (2 page views - as of today)
  • Phone (26 page views - as of today)
  • Hairdryer (209 page views - as of today)
I'll keep returning to these YouTube videos and let you know how much it grows over the next year or two. I'm particularly interested to see if there's any consistent growth, either linear or geometric.

If would like to comment here, then please feel free. Meanwhile I'll be tracking the growth or decline in the spread of this particular holiday nightmare

1 comment:

raymond said...

I came across this at blinkx SelfCast- "No More Freedom in Holland? Where can I go now, Mars?". The download link (the way blinkx works, the video doen't have a page of it's own) is
This guy videos being searched in public by the police.

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